Monsters in The Kitchen

Monsters in The Kitchen :|: The Monsters of Beowulf :|: Providence, RI :|: Mon, June 18, 2012

Barbara Byers - Oud, Kacapi, Voice
Arvid Tomayko-Peters - Computer, Trumpet, Flugelhorn

with special guests:
Elliot Creager - Guitar
Jason Ditzian - Clarinet

0:00 - The Sea Monsters
11:29 - Grendel
42:51 - The Dragon

Drawings: Jeff Noble, Noah Chevalier, Jim Peters and other Audience Members
Grendel's Mother: Audrey Chait
Video/Audio Production: Arvid Tomayko-Peters
Camera Shutter Button: Hoy Loper
Requisite Space Cowgirl: Emma Gross

Audio Only: