A little About Me

Hello, I'm Arvid (a.k.a. KidVid). I'm a recent graduate of Brown University in computer music and multimedia and geology. I play trumpet, flugelhorn, T.O.O.B. and other unique digital and analog electronic instruments. I try to bring the improvisational free-energy of jazz and other acoustic music styles to electronic/digitally augmented music and instruments. So I build electronic instruments that facilitate spontaneous performance in many contexts and make unflinchingly spasmodic noises. I want a huge range of options to be available to me in an intuitive format when I improvise on stage. I'm also interested in creating music from scientific - specifically geologic - data to tell the Earth's story through music.

I perform with the Modest Machine, work with Brown New Music and perform solo/small group electronic works in and around Providence, such as the Pixilerations festival for FirstWorksProv. I make multimedia installations - the most recent of which is Climate Controlled - an interactive octaphonic sonic and visual installation based on 5.3 Million years of geologic data from deep ocean sediment cores. I'm working on a book/CD project with Italian Geologist Sandro Montanari making music from Holocene climate change and have written software to expedite the creation of geophonic music. I've played in the Brown University Jazz Band, the Brown Crossroads Ensemble, the Brown Afro-Latin Jazz Ensemble and the MEME Improv Ensemble. I was part of a cool quintet that played Jazz inspired by Funk, Jobim and Japanese Rock called ROBOTTO TAI [Japanese for 'the robots']. For the exhaustive and mostly useless details you can see my musical resumé!

I also design and implement artist websites and edit video and sound - I'm available to do these things at reasonable rates if you are interested in my services.