Butter – Eric Peters (my uncle) and Maryalice Johnston make some fantastic and fun music and have podcasts and photos.

Discourse/Decision – James Martin's Blog on politics, philosophy, current events, culture...

Cool Groups

Brown New Music – A student group at Brown of which I am a part that performs the works of 20th century avant-guarde composers.

Students for a Democratic Society, Brown University – site maintained by my buddy Will Pasley

Brown Opera Productions – Brown University Student Opera - they put on a full scale opera and some other shows each year. Really good. I did their new website.


The Big Jazz Trio – Lisa Brown's jazz group



Curtis Bahn

Lisa Brown

Alvin Lucier

Matthew McGarrell

Dennis Miller

Chris Penrose

Butch Rovan

Todd Winkler


Reid Cooper

Peter Gromet

Tim Herbert

Yongsong Huang

Yan Liang

Paul K. Link – ISU

Warren Prell

Jan Tullis

Music Gear

Cylcing '74 – Makers of MaxMSP, Jitter and Pluggo

Apple Logic Pro

Presonus – Makers of reliable, cost effective audio interfaces that sound good too.

BENGE – They made my trumpet.


The Geologic Observatory of Coldigioco – where i spent a month in summer 2006.

Idaho State University Geology Field Camp – an intense and great field camp - I am just about in the middle of the 2006 photo, wearing the light gray shirt, with Thor's on my shoulder.

Volcano Music