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Live @ News Cafe – Feb 1, 2014 :|: Pawtucket, RI

Arvid Tomayko - flugelhorn, keys, controllers, trackpads, spring reverb and laptop with custom live looping software

Video of Part I:

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Audio of the entire performance:

Semi-Autonomous Drone Staircase :|: @ Clear Light Drone Castle :|: Jan 24-25, 2014 :|: 95 Empire @ AS220

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A spring reverb is the sound source for a laptop with a multi-channel network of analog-style delays, harmonizers, reverbs and spectral processes which are output to four separate speakers on three landings of the stairwell. Each speaker has different delay times and feedback, and therefore a unique sound. One speaker is an earphone dangling from the ceiling which visitors can place against their ear to listen to. The live reverberation of the brick stairwell adds to the drone resonance.

The piece can be alternately performed and left to its own devices using sound already input into the system. The sound will slowly devolve into a monotonous texture over about 15 minutes when left unattended. Some of the delay parameters are controlled using a vintage Uher Stereo Mix-5 converted into a MIDI controller.

Thanks: Indy Shome, Matt Becker, Ric Royer
Additional camera: Chris Anderson

Incubator One :|: Arvid Tomayko and Vicky Tomayko


Live @ the January Birthday Bash - Gallery Ehva, Provincetown, MA - January 18, 2014

Arvid Tomayko - Electronics
Vicky Tomayko - Drums

Massachusetts Geophonic :|: Premiere :|: June 4, 2013, Northeastern University, Boston, MA

A musical performance of Massachusetts geology using data from the USGS. Commissioned by Swissnex Boston. Also check out my geophonics page and the how it works video.

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Flood Fringe :|: Live @ Studio Soto :|: July 13, 2013 - Boston, MA


Arvid Tomayko - computer, cymbal, keys, trackpads, spring reverb
Elliot Creager - guitar, pedals, analog electronics

Thanks: Jed Speare and Caroline Park

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Audio Only:

A Sonic Architectural Reimagining of Provincetown :|: Oct 7, 2012

Herring Cove Beach Bathhouse, Provincetown, MA

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This video is the 2nd performance of the evening. You can also watch the first performance. The audio and video recording are not quite as good, but it includes an explanation of how the interactive video projection works. If you want, you can jump directly to the explanation at the end of the video pf the 1st performance.

Arvid Tomayko-Peters - TOOB, interactive video projection
Steve Schwartz - drums, technical assistance
Elliot Creager - guitar, electronics

Photos used in the interactive video projection courtesy of: Vicky Tomayko, Anne Haines, Wikimedia Commons
Video: Arvid Tomayko-Peters
Special Thanks to Jay Critchley, Vicky Tomayko, Andrea Starr
Performed for Jay Critchley's 10 Days That Shook the World

Audio Only (same as the videos):


Working on turning Massachusetts Geophonic into a standalone program for Mac and Windows. Will be available here soon.

Still Working on a looping system in Max/MSP for solo performance that allows me to record and arrange loops on the fly to create distinct sections and different textures. It's become quite a beast over the last year i've been working on it.

A new version of Maestro Frankenstein is in the works and will be released sometime. It is a complete re-write with a much better GUI, better performance, and hopefully far fewer bugs. It may not have all the features of version 1 when first released, but i hope to add all the reasonable ones back as I go.

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About Arvid

Arvid Tomayko (technically "Arvid Tomayko-Peters", but it's a bit ungainly to use all the time) is a Providence based experimental musician, composer and multimedia artist interested in live improvised electronic music performance, data or process driven composition, and the intersection of those two worlds. He builds and performs with extended digital instruments, including the TOOB - a wireless hyper-trumpet and makes live and pre-composed video pieces. Arvid holds a BA in Computer Music and Multimedia and Geology from Brown University. He currently works in audio product development at Your Heaven where he designs, builds and codes for audio electronics that make acoustic instruments sound really good when amplified or recorded.